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This CD is dedicated to all those people who have not yet found the courage to call Samaritans, please just be patient and gentle with yourselves, that day will come.

A word from An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, TD

For many of us, music can be our refuge: it takes us to a place of hope and comfort. There’s therefore a rightness and resonance to this CD which showcases some of Ireland’s best-loved musicians in aid of one of its best-loved charities, Samaritans.

At the time of writing, artists such as Mary Black, Imelda May, Hozier, Paddy Casey, Ailie Blunnie, Luka Bloom, Brian Kennedy, Róisín O, Eleanor Shanley, Patrick Bergin, The Coronas, Dawn Kenny, Tommy Fleming, Kieran Quinn, Brian Leyden, Maura O’Connell and the Hothouse Flowers, have all committed to this wonderful project.

In performing on this CD, they add their voices, to those of over 2,500 volunteers – men and women who are always there, every single day of the year, to talk to about everything and anything that affects us, as we make our way in the world.

Sometimes, that world can feel frightening, relentless, and even merciless. The fullest life can leave us feeling empty, lost; strangers to who we are or imagine ourselves to be. When that happens, Samaritans are there to give time, a safe space to talk and above all, to listen. They mean so much to those who call on them for help and make us think of those who feel the need to call but have not yet found the courage.

In moments when we want nothing more out of life, than to leave it, the Samaritans will be there with us and for us. Their voice proves to us we are not alone. In all their work, they deserve all our support. I wish them the very best with this CD and in everything they do.

Music is our escape, our comfort, our sanity, our sense, our joy. Quiet now. Like the Samaritans, listen.

The CD


Don’t Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You

The CD

Thanks to the following people

Sincere thanks to the following people who very kindly helped make this CD happen:
An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Ciarán Byrne & Bill Shanley (The Cauldron Studios), David Watson (Lunel Media), Stephen Averill, Ronnie Norton, Mac Bennett, Margaret Ryan (ClearDesign), Joe O’Reilly, Ben Duke, Aisling Flood, Amy McGovern, Emily Charles, Mark Downing, David Harris, Niall Muckian, Liz Reeves, Jim Lawless, Jane Blackley, Tina Fleming, Darragh Genockey, Fiona Graham, Niamh O’Brien, Andrew Hodgson (Verus Precision Ltd), Barry O’Flynn (Sligo Credit Union), Martina Mullaney (Supervalu Grange), Michael Feehily (Feehilys Florist), Chris Martin (Musgrave Group CEO), Caroline Torrie (Universal Music), Eamon McManus (Tiger Print).

Extra special thanks to:
Brian, Malachy, Enda, Tommy, Karol & Tommie for their belief and support in this project.

Design by AMP VIsual, Dublin

Cover Photography by Getty Images

Special thanks to all the photographers whose pictures are featured here.

Sincere thanks to all the songwriters who contributed to this project.

CD Produced & Compiled by Noelle Duignan

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